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Who doesn't want their insurance company to pay the maximum? While most policyholders would agree that their insurance company should pay what they're entitled to, few take all of the steps needed to ensure that this happens. Below are a few solid steps to take to make sure your final insurance check is as large as possible:

  1. Be thorough. You may need to spend hours if not days or weeks scouring through the damage in search of every single loss. Use a digital camera to document your findings as you go. This diligence could pay off as your list of documented losses grows.
  2. Document your losses. You may need to pour through your checkbook register, receipts folders, credit card statements, contracts, and other documents to prove ownership of your lost belongings. In addition, you'll need to provide your insurance company of proof of your losses. Photos and videos are excellent tools for proving your losses.
  3. Understand estimates. Take the time to ask questions about all estimates and your coverage. If anything seems off to you, question your insurance adjuster about it. For example, if your damaged kitchen had marble countertops and your insurance adjuster is providing estimates for ceramic tile, you may need to go further than questioning and insist upon like materials.
  4. Use a public insurance adjuster. Whether you lack the time to handle the claim yourself or simply want it handled by an expert, using a public insurance adjuster is your best defense against a low settlement offer.
  5. Contact us today to learn more about how we can maximize your final insurance settlement in Dallas.

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