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Top 5 Signs You Need a Dallas Public Adjuster

Is your Dallas insurance claim warning you of trouble ahead? It could be if any of these five warning signs are present:

  • The paperwork burden is overwhelming. The sheer volume of forms is enough to overwhelm anyone. Add in unfamiliar insurance terminology and confusing requests and you may not have a clue as to what the insurance company expects of you. Unfortunately, if you guess incorrectly, your claim could be delayed, underfunded, or denied.
  • The insurance company has denied a portion of your claim. While a partial denial could be legitimate, a second look may reveal that it should be disputed
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  • The insurance company has denied the entire claim. If the entire claim has been denied, a second opinion is an absolute must. Let a public insurance adjuster review your denied claim and you may find out that with a little extra effort, your claim can be supported and settled.
  • The insurance estimates don't include all of your losses. Are some of your losses not represented on the final claim? Were all losses estimated? A single oversight could be costly!
  • The insurance estimates don't reflect real world costs. Did the adjuster estimate your losses properly? Were local building costs used? Costs vary dramatically from state to state and city to city. If your insurance adjuster didn't use Dallas costs to calculate repairs, your claim could be underfunded.

If you recognize any of these five warning signs in your own Dallas insurance claim, it's time to call a public adjuster for professional help. We work on your side, making sure that your final insurance settlement is as large as possible.

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