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Plan for Your Next Insurance Claim

Whether you've just settled an insurance claim or are worried about a pending disaster, planning ahead could work in your favor. Take the time right now to plan for your next insurance claim and set yourself up for success.

  1. Is your insurance coverage sufficient? Review your coverage and make sure that you are neither underinsured nor over-insured. Pay close attention to items (furs, fine art, coin collections, cash, etc.) subject to policy limits, the type of replacement cost coverage your policy has, deductibles, exclusions, and inflation provisions (or lack of).
  2. Do you understand your insurance coverage? Understanding what your insurance does and does not cover along with your responsibilities should a loss occur is vital.
  3. Do you have adequate proof of your property's current condition and of your personal belongings? Use a video or digital still camera to create an electronic record of your possessions. Include details such as model and serial numbers as well as copies of receipts.
  4. Are your important documents safe and accessible? Should you suffer a loss, will your insurance policy, important documents, and video inventories survive? Make sure they do by storing them in a safe, yet accessible, location. For example, you could store them in a safe deposit box at the bank or store digital copies online.
  5. These four steps aren't overly time-consuming. However, they could put you in a far better position should you have to file a future insurance claim.

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